MotoGP™ 19 – The Official Videogame

MotoGP™19 new patch available – 01/07/2019

Hi riders,

we hope your Season is going well. We’ve been listening to your feedback and suggestions in order to release a truly remarkable update. We can assure you that our work won’t stop now, as we promised continuous updates starting from release and we intend to continue with this approach, so don’t stop sending us your suggestions!

In this patch we have introduced a new important option within the game: the Performance Option is a new setting that will finally allow you to ride up to 60 FPS on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.
We hope you can enjoy your races to the fullest now, thanks to a higher frame-rate.

With our great pleasure, the Winter Test Mode was one of the most appreciated features of the new MotoGP videogame, and now you can use your Carbon Liveries Bikes also in the Time Attack Mode and the Online Mode.

As promised to many players, we worked a lot on the game environments, adding new elements to give more “character” to the circuits and make them even more realistic.

Below you can find the complete changelog of this latest patch:

-Added Performance/Quality Mode on PS4™Pro and Xbox One X

-Performance improvement: up to 60 fps

-Quick Modes – Added Carbon Livery Bikes in Time Attack and Online

-Gameplay – Added Pit Boards for MotoGP™ class

-Gameplay – Added 3D Semaphore Lights

-Gameplay – Added 3D Marshal with a chequered flag at the end of the race

-Editors – Improved management of offline user created content

-AI – Improved AI on all categories