MotoGP™ 19 – The Official Videogame

MotoGP™19, a videogame crafted around you, the Community

When we started working on this new chapter of the series, our designers, developers and marketing team, sat down at a table and started brainstorming. The goal was to understand what features to include and what features to improve. But after a while, we realized that no brainstorming was needed. All the answers were already out there. And no, this is not a reference to X-Files, but to you guys, players and lovers of MotoGP™ and of our video game. Through the years, in fact, you’ve been sending us a huge amount of feedback and suggestions, and those were everything we needed to improve the game.

Browsing through endless comments, private messages, posts on Steam forums, we realized that three elements were constantly popping up: the AI should be more challenging, the online mode should be more reliable, granting a fairer challenge between players, and historical riders are important as much as the current ones.

And here we are announcing the new game and the three features we are most proud of:

The Neural AI – An innovative system based on Machine Learning. Sounds complicated but actually… well yes, it is complicated, but rest assured that your races against the AI will now be more challenging than ever. We’ll be talking about this a lot in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Dedicated Servers and Race Director Mode* are designed to enhance your Multiplayer experience. Having a low-lag experience was our top priority and this new technology is allowing us to achieve it. You’ll now have no excuses when your opponent will spring on your side, stealing your first place. The Race Director Mode, on the other hand, aims at giving you the tools to create the perfect multiplayer race: your game your rules!

Last but not least, the Historical Challenges: we’re sure you have many MotoGP™ great moments stuck in your mind. Well, with MotoGP™19, you’ll be able to relive and play them all again. Get ready to pick your favorite Historical Rider and relive the history!

The game will be out on June 6 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC/Steam and later on Nintendo Switch™.


*Race Director Mode won’t be available on Nintendo Switch™.