MotoGP™ 19 – The Official Videogame

Milestone and MugelloGP are waiting just for you.

In recent days we have talked so much about the attention that this year we wanted to dedicate to the community and how we could show you all this dedication. We thought that the best way to do this was to involve you more, during the development phases of the game, through a series of activities. First of all, the two important events, already mentioned, that we are organizing for you.
Milestone HQ and the Mugello GP will be the scenarios where the Development team and the community will meet for the first time ever.
Today we would like to give you a few more details about the two scheduled events, but first, we would like to dedicate a small space to tell you how happy we are with all the suggestions, the interventions, the constructive reports that we are receiving since we started this activity together.
We greatly appreciate your interest in the game and all your help to improve it. Precisely for this reason, we look forward to presenting you the preview of the new MotoGP19 to let you discover all the great news and let you be the first to try the game. Sounds good right?
At this point, we just have to find out what surprises await the ten players who will participate in the event. Ready?

See how we created MotoGP19 and new technical innovations implemented

Chat with Developers to learn about the video game from the development side

Game stations to try the first game build

Together with you, some Youtubers selected by Milestone will also take part in the visit.

Together with you, some Youtubers selected by Milestone will also take part in the visit.
At the second event, however, another five players will take part and will take place at the Mugello GP, where we will live together the MotoGP™19 launches and the excitement of the race at the Mugello GP.

We remind you that all the details of this initiative can be consulted in the regulation that you find below.


MotoGP™19 #TakeYourPlace