MotoGP™ 19 – The Official Videogame

Are you ready to Take Your Place?

Be part of our Community, help us building the excitement and be invited to Milestone HQ or Mugello GP.


Last week we teased you guys a lot about our new Community Approach – but what does it mean exactly?
With the previous game, many of you sent us a lot of feedback and suggestions, all to improve the MotoGP™ gaming experience*. We’ve been listening to all of you, and we were proud to announce the new exciting features that you’ve been asking for a while: a new challenging Neural AI based on machine learning, dedicated servers for a low lag multiplayer experience, and a new Historical Challenges mode. Along with many others, of course.



All your inputs were an invaluable source to improve the game. Thanks to your comments we realized what is the most important asset we’ve got in our pocket to create and improve this amazing game: our Community. That’s why, this year, we intend to focus on you, players, and build an even stronger, cohesive and participative Community.



What we’ll be doing in the next few weeks, up until the launch of the game, is a series of activities on our social channels aimed at building the community of players with productive contributions. Without giving too much away, this year and, last but not least, some of YOU will be invited to preview the game and meet our Dev Team in Milan and to celebrate the game launch together with us.

Yeah, you got that right, if you help us building a playful and active Community, and take part in our discussions, you might get picked to take your place among the very first players who will play the game for the first time ever – In Milan, at our Milestone HQ, or even at the Mugello GP!

Everything starts here:

See you on track!


*In the Nintendo Switch ™ version, online multiplayer will be replaced by local multiplayer.